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The Zed One Story
Zed One was founded by Robert and Tracy Barrett in 1994 and is an extremely diverse company with wide ranging interests. Currently the company's main activities include developing Niche Internet businesses of their own, whilst also assisting other companies and individuals ....... Read More >>>

New Website Launch
If you are one of the countless thousands of people wanting to set up your own Internet business from home, you're probably a bit unsure what to do. You've got questions, fears, worries, uncertainties. And you probably feel a bit alone, with no one out there to guide you. Well if that describes how you feel I believe I have the answer to your problems ...... Read More >>>


Subscription Website Success Secrets revealed
Zed One today released their latest publication, 'Subscription Website Success Secrets', a comprehensive guide to starting and running your own profitable Membership Website. Read More >>>

New Software Licence acquired
Zed One has acquired the world-wide licence and marketing rights to ezOrderForm Pro, an easy to use ecommerce order form system, which can be incorporated within any existing website. Read More >>>

ZedMailPro Email Marketing Software released
A brand new online Email Marketing Service from Zed One Internet Services is released today. Uses time proven Email List Management Software, which enables users to manage and control their own email lists and campaigns, by simply using their browser. Read More >>>

New Site Building Software Unveiled
After many months of intensive development, Zed One unveils their new browser-based site building and management software, Zedpages™, which enables anyone to easily build and manage their own website. Read More >>>

New Local Email Marketing Service
Zed One Internet Services launches EmailClubUK, the UK's first local Email Marketing Network, which offers a variety of Email marketing Services to SME's. Read More >>>

New Webpage Editor Unveiled
Zed One unveils it's brand new Website Builder™, 'FastPage Editor', designed to provide website owners with easy updating and editing of their existing websites, with no technical knowledge required. Read More >>>

New Vertical Portal Service Unveiled
With the knowledge that Vertical Portals are going to play a major role in the growth of the internet over the next few years Zed One unveils a new support and business start up service at Portalnetwork.net. Read More >>>

Niche Market Advisor Soft Launch
Zed One Internet Services introduces the Niche Market Advisor Private Members website. The most comprehensive Internet business resource site for UK entrepreneurs on the web. Read More >>>

Project Package Released
More than 18 months in the making, this is destined to become the Internet entrepreneur’s Bible. Solid, practical working businesses and strategies for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. Read More >>>

Portalscene Portal Directory Revealed
As industry experts converge in agreement that the future of internet searching lies with niche based Vertical Portals, Zed One announces their intention to create the internet’s first fully featured Portal Directory Service. Read More >>>

Hometown Community Portal Service in development
After more than 2 years behind the scenes development, Zed One provides first glimpse details of their forthcoming Hometown UK Project. A co-ordinated network of linked Independent Community Websites throughout the UK and Ireland, this groundbreaking venture is gearing up for public release. Read More >>>

Instant Wesbite Service Launched
Zed One Internet Services launches its Brand New 'Zednet Instant Website' Service, to provide small and medium sized businesses with simple to use ecommerce website building software. Read More >>>

Zed One Internet Services
After four years of success helping small and medium sized businesses with their Advertising, Marketing and Promotion, Zed One Marketing unveils their new Internet Division, Zed One Internet Services. Read More >>>

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