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New Local Email Marketing Service

Zed One Internet Services today launched EmailClubUK, the UK's first local Email Marketing Network, which offers a variety of Email marketing Services to SME's.

The main purpose of the new EmailClubUK Service is to provide small and medium sized local businesses with a professional Email Marketing Service. This will enable these businesses to send targeted email promotions to customers and prospects in their own local area.

Services Provided

The basic service provided is called an ‘Email Rewards Program’ and enables local people to receive coupons, discounts and other special offers by email: things like ‘Two for the price of one on your next visit’, or ‘Free Dinner for two during this month’ and so on.

Thereafter, various other Email Marketing Services can be provided to the business clients, including full Email Marketing Campaign Services, taking on individual Client’s specific requirements and producing a comprehensive strategy to implement an effective and profitable email marketing campaign for the Client.

Independent Operators

The EmailClubUK Service is to be run in each area by Independent Local EmailClubUK Operators, who provide the Email Marketing Services to the businesses in their area.

It is hoped that the service will be quickly accepted by local businesses and customers, enabling the service to eventually grow nationwide, creating a National Network of Email Clubs.

If you would like any further information about the EmailClubUK Service, please go to www.emailclubuk.com

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