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Zed One Obtains the Worldwide Licence to
ezOrderForm Pro

Zed One Internet Services has just acquired the Licence to ezOrderForm and ezOrderForm Pro, an ecommerce tool that helps businesses sell their wares securely via the Web.

The Ideal Turn-Key Internet Business . . .

ezOrderForm Pro might just be the ideal ‘turn-key’ business for those wanting to get in on the demand for the tools of e-commerce. Becoming an ezOrderForm ‘host site’ allows you to offer a product in great demand, with almost zero overhead and operational expenses.

Instant e-Commerce Solution

With ezOrderForm Pro, you can provide your clients with a secure internet order form processing system with all the features needed to conduct e-commerce.

Your clients can post links to the order form you host for them, in their own web pages, emails, auction listings, ezines, discussion board postings . . . in fact anywhere that allows hyperlinks!

The ezOrderForm Pro software allows you to create, host and rent an unlimited number of secure order forms on your own domain . . . each one customised and managed online by your fee paying business clients.

Taking just 60 seconds to activate, ezOrderForms run on auto-pilot, requiring no intervention from you!

The ezOrderForm Pro uses a template design to automatically create new Secure Order Forms live on the internet so . . .

. . . it's like owning your own
e-Commerce Software Master License!

Most ezOrderForm Pro owners typically charge between £49 - £99 per year for each order form they create . . . so for every 100 clients you sign up, you can earn up to £10,000 or more per year!

ezOrderForm Pro is due for its official UK launch very shortly.

If you would be interested in running your own ecommerce service using ezOrderForm Pro, please contact us.

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