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The Brand New WebPage Builder™ ‘FastPage Editor’

WebPage Builder™ is a content management product that is installed on the server where your website is hosted. Using WebPage Builder’s web-based editor (‘FastPage Editor’), you can change text and hyperlinks as well as upload images, documents, multimedia files and more, all without learning any HTML or programming.

WebPage Builder’s ‘FastPage Editor’ works with any website layout and enables you to make all these changes without worrying about accidentally breaking the rest of your site. ‘FastPage Editor’ makes it easy for you to keep your site fresh with new content.

Now, instead of paying a development company or IT staff, you can reduce your costs and do the changes yourself, or distribute the responsibility to other people on your staff.

WebPage Builder™ was designed to be secure.

Each page on your site can have a common or unique username and password that is required to edit the content. You have complete control of your site since an administrative username and password will allow you to edit the content of any page on your website.

Because The ‘FastPage Editor’ is completely web-based and allows you to edit an unlimited number of pages on your site, you can make the changes you want when you want them.

Select content to be edited

You or your webmaster select what parts of your website can be edited with the WebPage Builder™ ‘FastPage Editor’. There are numerous "types" of content that the ‘FastPage Editor’ will help you edit -- including graphics and hyperlinks.

Insert ‘FastPage Editor’ Tags

Special ‘FastPage Editor’ tags are inserted around the content you have chosen. Each ‘FastPage Editor’ tag tells ‘FastPage Editor’ what kind of content it is and what unique name you are associating to it. These tags do not show up visibly on your web page.

There are many types of ‘FastPage Editor’ tags that allow for flexibility in editing your content.

Setup Security for Your WebPage Builder™ Page

You or your webmaster can use the included web-based WebPage Builder™ Profile Manager to create a new username and password that will be used to edit your page. In addition, there is an administrator username and password that lets you edit any page on the website!

Edit Your Page With ‘FastPage Editor’

Once your page has had ‘FastPage editor’ tags added, you can use the ‘FastPage Editor’ to change the content of your page any time you want. FastPage Editor is easy to use, and it makes sure that what you type in or change won't accidentally break anything else on your site.

For an interactive demo of WebPage Builder™ ‘FastPage Editor’ please contact us.

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